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Hero’s Fate was founded 2009 by five guys from Hamburg, Germany. In the same year, they released their first EP „Avenging the Lost“ followed by their more refined and mature EP „Among Red Leaves in 2010. The self-produced debut LP „Human Tides: Black Light Iception“ was celebrated by fans and critics alike after its international release in 2012. It showed a new and original mix of traditional scandinavian Melodic Death Metal elements that were intensified and manifested by the 2015 release of “Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos”.

The 2018 Release of “Human Tides: Dynamis Energeia” marks the the final Chapter of the “Human Tides” trilogy. It continues the powerful mix of blasting metal beats, melancholic melodies and sweeping solos while being more diverse than the previous releases.

The band has toured most of Europe and played in well-known locations with celebrated national and international bands of the metal scene. They continue to amaze with energetic performances and an uniqely designed live show.


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